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Besides Oil Changes, What Fluids Do You Need to Replace in a Honda?

At Osborn’s Automotive, we specialize in foreign vehicles, primarily German and Japanese. This article is going to focus on Honda cars and the specifics of fluid changing for this brand.


Over time, all fluids in your car will need to be changed, either because they’ve gotten old and dirty or due to ineffectiveness. Everyone knows that your car’s oil will need to be changed, but what about all the other fluids? Most specific types of fluid, such as brake fluid and transmission fluid, have a set amount of miles that they consistently need to be changed at. Yet, these miles may vary, depending on weather, your driving techniques, and the quality of fluid used. In general, however, you should be fine sticking to the following timelines.

Honda Civic Brake Fluid

Brake fluid plays a vital role in the safety and overall functionality of your vehicle. When you press down on the brakes, it’s the fluid that helps slow down your vehicle. Every few months, or whenever you get under the hood of your car, you should check out your Honda Civic brake fluid levels, but only if you’ve owned your car for a year or two. The standard timeline for Honda Civic brake fluid changes is about every three years, regardless of how far you’ve driven your vehicle.

Honda CRV Power Steering Fluid

Simply put, the power steering fluid transmits power from your engine to the steering system of your car. Obviously, this is just as important as brake and transmission fluid and a steering fluid change should be heavily prioritized. Generally speaking, your Honda CRV power steering fluid should be changed somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 miles. But if you notice strange noises, such as groaning or grinding, coming from your car when you turn the wheel, that could be an indicator that you need to change your steering fluid.


How Often To Change Transmission Fluid - Honda

This is a simple answer. Honda Accord transmission fluid changes should occur about once every 90,000 miles. Luckily, these services are fairly inexpensive, usually costing anywhere between $80 to $150, depending on the dealership. They also only take an hour or so to change so it’s not as much of an inconvenience as many other car services. When the time does come for a Honda Accord transmission fluid change, you should also ask your mechanic to both clean the pan and replace the filter, while they’re at it.


Although it may be easy to procrastinate on getting these fluids changed, this kind of negligence can be detrimental to your vehicle. If you don’t get your fluids changed at the proper time, you risk doing further, and possibly even irreparable, damage to your vehicle, particularly the engine and transmission. 


At Osborn’s Automotive, our goal is to get your car in and out of the shop quickly so that you can get back to your life. Our skilled team of mechanics are experts in both domestic and foreign vehicles, and you can be confident that you are in safe hands. To schedule your transmission, brake, or steering wheel fluid change (or any other of our services) call (310) 400-5924 or visit the contact page on our website!

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