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4 Reasons Your Car AC Isn't Working

4 Reasons Your Car AC Isn't Working

In the middle of summer in California, the last thing you want is your vehicle’s air conditioning to not blow cold. Sitting in traffic without cold air coming through the vents can be a miserable experience. If your AC stopped working, you’re probably asking, what happened? In most vehicles, the majority of the AC system is located near the engine and is exposed to corrosive materials from the road and extreme temperatures, meaning components can fail over time. At Osborn’s Automotive, we can help diagnose and repair your car’s air conditioning issues and service the system to keep you cool in the summer heat. Read on to learn more about how vehicle air conditioning works and some of the most common issues that occur.   How does air conditioning work in a car? The air conditioning system in your vehicle changes the state of refrigerant from a liquid to a gas, and back again using temperature and pressure. Air is then b ... read more

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