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What is Walnut Blasting?

What is Walnut Blasting?

If you are a BMW or MINI owner this post is for you. Walnut Blasting is a dealer recommended service for BMW and MINI owners every 30,000 miles. What’s the issue? Direct injection BMW engines are prone to excessive carbon build up on the vehicle’s intake valves. Your N54’s intake system needs to be cleaned regularly to perform at it’s peak. This buildup is common and normal but as the level increases you could find your car suffering from a few of the following issues: Poor throttle response Engine misfiring Loss of fuel economy Cold start idle issues Flat spots in the vehicle's power band Lack of engine power Why does this happen? The most common reason for the carbon build up is due to contaminants in the air that pass across the engine’s intake valves. In a multi-port injection engine, fuel is injected prior to the intake valves, which allows the fuel to clean the buildup that accumulates on the intake ports and valves. Contaminants in the a ... read more

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