This is a good shop. Great service and great mechanics. True that their are shops that are cheaper, but those shops from what I have noticed do crap work and half ass it and don't explain their services or even speak English. Osborn's guys know what they are doing. I had a bearing that needed to be lubed on a 93 BMW, and yes BMW repairs are pricey, and they did a wonderful job. They first thought I would needed some extra parts, but in the end, I just needed the bearings repacked. I then later got rid of the BMW and got a Jeep. Within 3 months of buying the Jeep I went through 3 set of tires and no other place could tell me what was wrong. I came to Osborn's and they said I needed alignment. I am a car guy myself, and I never noticed while driving anything wrong with the alignment as I am in "tune" with my vehicle.  Needless to say, after everything was done, Dan showed me how bad the alignment was prior on a computer print out. You don't see that at other Mechanics.  Plus, if you are hungry you have El Burrito Jr across the street and the beach down the block. Great Shop in a great location.
Joseph L.

Redondo Beach 30,000 Mile service

Redondo Beach 30,000 Mile service | Redondo BeachThe 30,000 mile service is usually the first major service that your car will have done to it during a long life of routine services. The Osborns Automotive team in Redondo Beach would like to be your "GoTo" Crew for keeping the car on the road and trouble free. When you come to Osborn's routinely for services, including the 30,000 mile service, our team of ASE Certified service experts know your car better than anyone.  We can keep tabs on all future maintenance and scheduled services so you don't have to.  We can make recommendations based on your individual driving habits and the car you drive.  You can’t get this when you use several shops, that’s why we'd like to see you here at Osborn's for your 30, 60, and 90k services, and all that follow. 

Our 30,000 mile service will be unique to you and your car. We don’t believe in "one size fits all" 30,000 mile service for your car, we believe each vehicle and driving habits are unique. If this is your first visit with us, you'll find we do a thorough inspection first to determine the needs of your vehicle based on your expectations.  If you only plan on keeping it a few years, or you plan on keeping it forever, we will help you get the best value for the services you need.

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