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Keith Cordero

ASE-Certified Technician

Keith Cordero | Osborn's Automotive Inc.
ASE-Certified Technician at Osborn's Automotive Inc.Hybrid Certified Technician - Osborn's Automotive Inc.
Certified TechnicianHybrid Certified
Toyota/Lexus Certified Technician at Osborn's Automotive Inc.Ford Certified Technician at Osborn's Automotive Inc.
Toyota/Lexus CertifiedFord Certified
Valve Timing Diagnostics Certified Technician at Osborn's Automotive Inc.Hybrid Certified Technician at Osborn's Automotive Inc.
Valve Timing DiagnosticsHybrid Certified

Cordero is our resident Lance Armstrong, Err wait a minute…….

Keith, better known as "Cordero", has been with Osborn's since 1852. Well, it feels like it's been that long anyway. You don't believe me? Ask Keith.  On the weekends you can find Keith out on a bike path, basking in the sun or at home taking a nap (hopefully he isn't doing all three at the same time) . Keith leads a quiet well regimented, quiet lifestyle, let's see today is Monday so he will be having meatloaf for dinner. Get my drift? 

ASE-Certified Technician - Osborn's Automotive Inc.

It was down at the racetracks that Keith discovered he wanted to be a mechanic. As a young tyke his neighbor introduced him to drag racing, Keith decided right then and there that he wanted to be a part of a pit crew when he grew up. Note: as far as we can tell Keith never did quite grow up. From there it's a bit of a mushy love story between Keith and the industry; needless to say he has been a part of it for 30 years. 

Keith is an amazing technician. I am personally impressed by our entire crew, but Keith is truly adept for this field. He doesn't have the same in depth knowledge of the inner working of a vehicle, but has a better all-around understanding. Keith is extremely focused and pays close attention to detail. When he does make a mistake (it has happened, although it is a very rare occurrence) he is the first to recognize it and take immediate actions to correct it. Of course, as with all Team Osborn employees Keith has his ASE certifications.  Keith is an exceptional technician and employee. We are very fortunate to have him. 

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